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The warm golden haze of the Espresso Pump created quite the intimate atmosphere to Rupert Giles' mind.  Sunnydale had been blessedly free of apocalypses recently and his playing appearances had almost taken on a regular feel.  He settled himself more comfortably on his padded stool and readjusted his guitar for the next song. 

The set flowed freely from his lips and fingers and as he was settling into his final song, a familiar face caught his eye.  She looked great, even after all this time.  Karesia, they had gone through the academy together and had worked for a bit on translations and research before he was called to wait and train for his Slayer.  They'd lost contact with each other years ago, but she was still as beautiful as she had been;  the dark shining eyes, the waterfall of dark curls, and the brilliant smile.  Giles found, to his surprise, that the attraction he'd harbored all that time ago was still there.

He caught her eyes mid-chorus and they exchanged welcoming smiles.  Putting a final bit of personality into the last bit of the song, he finished with a flourish.  Nodding and responding to the applause with thank yous, he packed away his guitar, collected his black leather jacket and made his way over to her table.

She stood, still clapping softly.  "Rupert Giles!  Still a man of many talents!  How wonderful to see you!"

"Karesia!  What are you doing here?  You look absolutely wonderful!"  He grasped her hand and drew it to his lips for a kiss.

With a warm smile, she waved him to sit down.  "I'd heard some time ago that you'd been stationed here with your Slayer.  I'm so glad to see that that's still working out despite the intricacies and the irrationality of the Council."

"Ahh, yes.  The Council.  A beer please," he said to the just arrived waitress, as he seated himself.  "Our...methodologies turned out to be...incompatible in the end.  Actually, I've found that freelancing with Buffy and earning my own income has been much more effective and satisfying in the long run.  And what have you been doing lately?  I'm so out of touch with any of our old classmates."

"Ah, well," she leaned forward and her voice dropped to a warm, intimate tone.  "Let's just say that your scandal wasn't the only one to sear through the ranks recently.  In order to protect the innocent, I'll just say that I found it prudent, safer, and more beneficial to my morals and beliefs to switch branches entirely."

Rupert set the beer back on the table in astonishment.  "Wha-what? You've switched Branches?  What on earth could have happened?"  He raised a hand.  "On second thought, I don't want to know.  Go on, please."  He smiled at her obvious enjoyment of his reaction.

Karesia took a sip of her drink, dark eyes sparkling and continued; "Well, there's not much left to tell.  I've finished my orientation and I'm on my way up to Seacouver, Washington to accept my new assignment from Joe Dawson.  Sunnydale was on the way, so I thought I'd stop by for a visit."

Giles grinned, "Ahh, Mr. Dawson.  He's quite the character.  I met him some years ago after that flare up in their ranks.  I daresay you'll enjoy working with him."  He lifted his bottle in a toast.  "To your new career, much success and joy in it!"  They clinked their glasses together gently.

The next performer had finished his setup and the loud, enthusiastic, if not very talented music that followed, made them wince slightly and they shared matching grins across the table.  "Would you care to come back to my flat for some Irish coffee or tea?"  He leaned close to be heard and found himself enchanted by the scent of the curls covering her ear.

"I'd love to!"  She moved to drop several bills on the table, but he stayed her hand, dropping his own on the table and handing her her jacket as he grabbed his own.  Coming up slightly behind her, he placed one hand on the small of her back and guided her to the parking lot.

"Do you wish to follow me?  It's not too far," he asked, admiring the glow of the street lamps on her fair skin.

"That would be fine."  She grinned at him again and headed off to a small, dark car.

The trip back to his place seemed to pass in a blur and Rupert spent it recalling the pleasant evenings and studies they'd had back in the day.  He was waiting near her door as she parked and got out, and he offered her his arm to walk.  She accepted and they made small talk on the short trip and as he undid the many latches that living in Sunnydale and working with the Slayer necessitated.

He ushered her inside, took her coat and shed his, turning on the lamp behind the sofa.  He turned to Karesia and found her watching him with a fond expression.  "So, what can I get for you?  Some tear or..." his words trailed off as she moved up very close to him.

Gently lifting his glasses off, she smoothed her fingers down his slightly stubbled cheek and kissed him.  Her lips were soft, moist and warm on his, her tongue traced his bottom lip lightly and tapped politely for entrance before he opened his mouth to hers.  His tongue caressed hers as his hands came up to sink into her thick curls and the kiss deepened.  For long minutes, they kissed, lost in each other before she finally pulled back.

"Wha..what was that for?  Not that I minded," he asked, heaving somewhat for breath.

She ran her fingers through his hair, "No reason, just that you're a good friend and always have been."

Giles smiled crookedly at her.  "Good friends?  You always greet good friends in this manner?"

Karesia laughed softly as she backed away from him.  "No, not usually.  I was just so surprised to see you, not to mention pleased that I would be able to spend some time with you before heading on to Seacouver."

"Ahh, I see.  Well, do you want tea or something, or should we commence with the appreciation of good friends?"

"Why Rupert!  I do believe you're making a pass at me," Karesia said teasingly.

"Are you going to accept or shall I go wallow in Earl Grey tea?" he said with a laugh.

Karesia just smiled and walked around the room, her hands behind her back, as she surveyed his flat.  She stopped as she noticed several framed photos.  Giles approached her from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist and looked at the frames over her shoulder.

"Are these your kids?" Karesia asked.

"Good heavens no!!  They - they' old do you think I am?!" Giles asked, a bit outraged.  He could feel her chuckle as her body shook against his.  Embarrassed that he'd walked into the joke, he explained the pictures.  "They are the Slayer and her friends.  And me, of course.  They are slightly out of date, things have been - tense for the last few months, so there hasn't been much to celebrate."

"Which is the Slayer?"

Giles lifted his right hand and pointed to the nearest photo of himself and Buffy.  It had been taken over a year and a half prior, Willow had taken it, he remembered.  The group wasn't commemorating anything, just opted to spend the night together watching movies.  Buffy had curled up next to him on the couch and was using him as a pillow when Willow had called their names.  They both had looked up and smiled and it had been captured on film.  It was one of Giles' favorites.

"That's Buffy there, and the rest are her friends, a varied group.  Dawn is her sister, Willow is a Wicca, Tara is - was, Willow's girlfriend, Xander is, well, just Xander and Anya's an ex-vengeance demon." 

Karesia laughed.  "That's quite a group!"

"I said it was a varied bunch.  They all work so well together - usually."

"I see.  You seem really happy in that one." she pointed to the one of himself and Buffy.

"It was a nice time."

"Is that all it was?"  Karesia asked and turned her head to meet Giles' eyes.

Giles squeezed her waist and kissed her lips lightly.  "Are you fishing for information?  You should save your observations for your new assignment."  He took any sting out of his words as he kissed her more deeply.

"Ah, I see how it is."

"Do you?"

Karesia smiled and ran her fingers down his right cheek.  "Should we just skip the tea and head into the appreciation of good friends?"

He laughed, turned her around and pulled her into his embrace further.  "Definitely."  He ran his hands from her lower back upward and didn't stop until they were wrapped around her curls.  Giles tilted her head to the left and pressed his lips to hers; he licked her lips and pushed his way inside.  Karesia moaned when he made a fist in her hair and deepened the kiss; their tongues twined around each other's.

Giles pulled back and placed a light kiss on her parted lips.  "Shall I show you the rest of the place?"

She smiled warmly and simply said, "Sure."

Giles left one arm around her waist and steered her toward the stairs where he pulled her in front of him and gently pushed her up the stairs with his hands on her shoulders.  Halfway up the stairs, he remembered the state of his bedroom.  Over the last few days he had been researching, his head always in a book, unconcerned with tidying up.  The research wasn't to battle a hell demon, but just to refresh his mind; there was no excuse except that he liked to lose himself within the pages of text.

"You'll have to excuse the state of the room, I've been preoccupied lately."  Giles said as they reached the top of the stairs and entered the loft.

"The state?  The place seems fine."

"Well, the bed isn't made, the books......" he brushed past her to pick the books off the bed and place them on a table.  "Just, it's not normally how it is."

"Rupert.  I didn't come up here to make sure you weren't still suffering from terminal neatness."

Giles blushed and pulled the comforter to the foot of the bed so that it wasn't piled in lumps anymore.  "Right, so..." he trailed off and looked awkwardly toward Karesia before he bowed his head, grinned and walked over to her.  "What time do you need to leave in order to make it to Seacouver in time?"

"Early, but I'm not really concerned about that right now."  She smiled, kissed Giles then, kicking off her shoes, sitting on the bed and looked up at him expectantly.

Giles pulled his black cardigan over his head, deposited his glasses on the bedside table and disposed of his own shoes before joining Karesia on the bed.  He leaned in and captured her lips again, sucking and nibbling gently on the lower one before her mouth opened and she pulled his tongue into her depths.  Not able to contain a rumble of pleasure, he swept his hands into her thick curls briefly, then ran them softly down her back to her waist. 

She moaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her fingers in his light brown waves.  His hands trailed around front and tugged her shirt free of her jeans.  Delicately, he worked his way up the shirt, unbuttoning as he went, fingers and knuckles brushing soft, hot skin.  He reached the collar and smoothed his hands along her collar bones to push the open material off her shoulders.

Gasping slightly, she finally broke the kiss and in a swift movement, shrugged out of the shirt.  Taking advantage of the room, Karesia reached around and freed herself of her bra and threw both articles of clothing off the foot of the bed. 

Stunned at the quick exposure of that soft ivory skin and rosy nipples, Giles sat motionless as, with a wicked grin, Karesia worked his t-shirt free and drew it over his head, tossing it off the end of the bed with the rest.

Rupert lifted a hand to her smooth shoulder and trailed his fingertips down the skin to rub lightly over the sensitive slope of her breast, rubbing harder over the nipple and watching it crinkle up under his fingertips.  He cupped her breast and leaned over to run his tongue around the nipple, felt it stiffen further and sucked the nub into his mouth for more intense stimulation.  Her sighs of pleasure above him and the hands running over his bare back and shoulders signaled her enjoyment.  Switching to the other breast, he gently pushed her back to lie on the bed.  He repositioned himself and continued to lavish attention on her breasts, and trailed his hands over her sensitive stomach and ribs to pop the fly on her jeans and lower the zipper.

He kissed his way down her stomach, tugged on the jeans and panties and she gave her hips a little shimmy to help him out.  "Ah, Rupert, such fabulous hands you have.  Such a waste having them caressing those unappreciative dusty books all day."

Giles sat up and laughed, disposing of the clothing.  Karesia also sat up, and reached for him.  "Well, I suppose I'd never really looked at it...oof!"  His sentence ended in a puff of air as she pushed him backward and repeated what he'd done to her.

Karesia started by combing through his chest hair, feeling the solid pectorals under the soft skin and hair.  She bent down to run her tongue over skin, wetting down curls and causing his nipple to wrinkle up.  Her hands massaged his chest as he again rumbled with pleasure.  Her curls fell down and tangled in his chest hair as she worked her way down, running her tongue over his abs and playing with his naval, finally popping the button and fly of his tight pale, blue jeans.  She pulled them and the briefs under them down and off, as she smiled wickedly up at him.

"Karesia, come up and...." Words failed him as she ran her fingers over his sensitive length.  She massaged him gently, feeling him lengthen and harden in her hand.  She ran her thumb over the smooth head and titillated  the sensitive spot just under the crown. He couldn't stop the twitching of his hips as she continued to gently squeeze his cock.

Karesia cupped a hand under his soft sac and with the other holding his cock steady, she closed her mouth around just the sensitive head.  He groaned and clenched the sheets as she dragged her tongue over the soft, spongy skin, tasting salt and a touch of musk, inhaling his cologne and his personal scent.

His moans gathered strength and she added a little pump to the hold and increased the suction.  And then he was sitting up, lifting her by the ribs and devouring her mouth.  He rolled her over, placing her on the pillows and began another descent down her body.  Stopping again to worship and pleasure the soft breasts, drawing small sounds of delight from her, he abruptly switched to her legs, paying attention with tongue and talented fingers to her feet, calves and knees.

He trailed his tongue up the sensitive skin of her inner thighs, tickling the backs with his fingers, brushing through her soft dark curls and blowing gently on the tingling juncture between her thighs.  She moaned and arched her hips ever so slightly, asking, begging for more, but saying nothing.  As Giles kissed her right thigh softly and wetly, alternating between dry brushes of his lips and long wet swipes of his tongue, he trailed his finger up and down her lips.  His finger became wet immediately and he teased Karesia by only inserting the very tip of his finger before withdrawing it again.

Each time he teased her, she gasped loudly and her hips twitched.  Giles bit the inside of her thigh gently and pushed two fingers as far as they would go inside her.  As his thumb brushed over her moist clit firmly; his name escaped her lips loudly and her hips rose off the bed.

Giles was grabbed and pulled upward from the juncture of her legs and pulled into a searing kiss.  Their tongues battled each other until, with a moan, Karesia pulled Giles' tongue into her mouth and suckled it.  Giles clenched his fists into the sheets and his hips thrust uncontrollably forward.  Karesia pushed Giles' head away, grasped his shoulders and turned them both until she was on top, her knees straddling Giles' body.  He let out a lungful of air at the change in position, but he just smiled at her as she gazed down at him; her hair fell to one side, the curls bushy and thick.

Karesia leaned forward and kissed Giles long and slow and he reached toward his night table to gather what he needed.  She leaned back and quirked her eyebrow at him and leaned over herself and grabbed the small foil package from his hand, then settled back onto his upper thighs with a triumphant look. 

"I was getting there," Giles said petulantly.

She just smiled and replied, "Yes, well us Americans really like to get our gratification quickly."

Giles laughed and curled his stomach until he reached her lips and licked them, which only caused Karesia to giggle.  Giles didn't have time to comment as Karesia held his cock as firm as she could and rolled the condom down; once it was on, she shifted until her legs were on either side of his stomach.  Without encouragement from her, Giles reached behind Karesia and held himself as she settled back, slowly, onto his hard cock.  After what seemed like long minutes, Karesia leaned forward, which caused her hair to fall forward cocooning them in a mass of dark curls.

"Now," Karesia began breathlessly, "appreciate your friend."

Giles smiled, grabbed her hips and grunted softly, "With pleasure."

Karesia braced herself on Giles' chest as he guided her with his hands.  The pace was slow at first, they needed to find their balance and the feeling of the slow withdrawal and forward motions sent tingles up and down Giles' spine.  After a few thrusts, their pace increased.  Karesia's fingers curled slightly into Giles' chest and she moved them until her palms were just below his nipples; he could feel her long fingers hot against his skin, and the slight prick of her fingernails as she leaned forward slightly.  Giles slid his left hand up the side of her body to cup a breast.  On a downward movement, he pinched her nipple between his fingers and enjoyed the extra tilt of her hips that action garnered.

Their speed increased even more and Karesia tilted forward until her hands wrapped around Giles' shoulders in order to brace her frantic motions.  Giles' hands now cupped both breasts and he kept her elevated enough to allow her to control the speed and entry of his thrusts.  His hands squeezed at ever withdrawal as Karesia came forward, and her hair swung in time to their bodies, their breaths came in deep gasps.

"Giles...." Karesia said in a harsh whisper.

Giles 'hmmed' and shifted his hold until his hands were on her hips; the movement caused him to slide further into her and her hands squeezed his shoulders at the stimulation.  Their movements were fast and hard, but still together.  He could feel his orgasm as it approached, his skin felt cooler and puckered in what felt like colder air.  He jerked his hips even faster, reveled in the tight heat that surrounded him and moved his hands until they framed the juncture of her hips and legs.  Giles' hands splayed out and his thumbs met in the middle and dipped lower until they were nestled in the coarse curls.  He only fumbled a bit until he found the small, sensitive nub; his thumbs wet with her juices, rubbed circles around and around her clit.  Karesia became more vocal as nonsensical words passed her lips and her fingers clenched around his shoulders harder.

Giles grunted and started to press harder with his thumbs, he couldn't hold back anymore.  He arched his hips up and his neck twisted on the pillow as the orgasm shot through his whole body, leaving him a trembling wreck.  Karesia moved faster at the sight of Giles so abandoned, his thumbs reached a fevered pitch and her body clenched with ecstasy.  She pitched forward even more, then thrust back just as quickly as she tried to get Giles as deep as possible as she continued to come.

They both breathed heavily and Karesia shifted only after Giles had slipped from her and she settled herself against his side.  Somehow, Giles found the strength to semi-clean himself up, turned to his good friend and held her tightly.  Several minutes passed until their breathing was calmer, as Giles ran his fingers up and down her back causing Karesia to shiver and it made Giles smile.

"How was that for appreciation?" asked Giles.  He could feel her smirk against his skin.

"How ungentlemanly of you to ask such a stereotypical question of 'was-it-good-for-you' when you know damn well that it was."

Giles laughed.  "You know I would never insult you like that, my dear."

She laughed and he shivered as the hot breath hit his skin.  "I'll set the alarm so you aren't late for your arrival time," he offered.

"Thank you," Karesia paused.  "It was great seeing you again Rupert, nice to know that you haven't let the evil in the world darken your spirit too much."

Giles ran his hand over her hair and kissed her head.  "There are many things that I look toward for light - and now you're one of them."