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Today was the day! Blair walked with a bounce in his step, barely able to control his excitement. Ever since Jim had told Simon about his senses after the fiasco with Kincaid, Simon had been skeptical about level of his abilities. So, Blair had finally been able to convince Jim to submit to some tests. Only in the interest of making sure Simon accepted what Jim could do, of course.

Blair had spent about an hour the day before thinking of tests, fairly simple ones, that could be easily proven. To facilitate that, the grad student had chosen the park; it was the perfect place.

The three men had agreed to meet in the parking lot early Saturday morning when the park wouldn't be overloaded with joggers or families with rambunctious kids.

As they walked from the parking lot, Blair scanned the area, looking for just the right spot. To a passer-by it seemed like he was nervous, constantly looking to his left or right, but as soon as Blair saw the bench under the shade of tree branches, he knew that it was the place.

"Over here." Blair said as he grabbed Jim's elbow and pulled him toward the serene site.

Jim chuckled as he was dragged across the grass. "Chief, try not to be so excited about these tests, ok? You may give me a complex."

Blair smiled at Jim's whining and rolled his eyes. He'd been listening to Jim moan about the tests for days now; it no longer made him feel guilty. Blair's grin widened as he thought that maybe Jim was suffering from performance anxiety.

He hefted his backpack once on his shoulder then swung it smoothly to the ground and began to unzip the two sections. Jim looked around, assessing the area quickly and mentally agreed with the student. Trees bordered two sides of the small clearing and high bushes gave a further feel of privacy. He watched as Sandburg lay out and assortment of items: notebooks, pens, binoculars, and several other mysteriously wrapped bundles. He suppressed a nervous twitch and sat down on the bench.

Simon looked down at the ground trying to decipher the pile of stuff Sandburg had just cluttered the area with. Well the kid came prepared, although the captain wasn't sure how the equipment would be used. Hearing Jim sigh, Simon looked up. The detective was staring at his partner, if you could call the kid that, as he started to write in his notebook.

Blair finished arranging all the necessary tools about him, flipped open his notebook and began delineating tables and column headings. After a moment of fast scribbling he looked up to see two pairs of eyes staring at him. He gulped, freezing for a moment before giving himself a little shake and just deciding to go for it.

"Ok, so. What we're here to do today is to have Jim demonstrate his senses to you Simon," he looked at Jim, "and for me to begin to get an idea of your range so I can help you control them better. I brought some things from home, and I asked Captain Banks to bring something with him." His head swiveled around to look up at the tall man and asked, "Did you?"

Blair took a breath and Simon didn't think he had ever heard anyone talk that fast before. He gaped at Sandburg. Simon could understand the words, but couldn't take his eyes off him. Between his face and hands, everything was a flutter of activity. The captain groaned and figured it was going to be a long day. The captain sighed and patted his coat as Blair interrupted himself, "No no don't take it out yet." Turning back to Jim he continued, "I thought we'd do one or two brief tests for each sense using some of what I brought and some of what's just naturally around us here in the park. Ok?"

Jim just nodded before asking his first dreaded question of the day. "Which sense is first?"

"Sight. I want you to look out over the park, in any direction, and tell me what you see."

Jim looked skeptical. "That's it? Just look and describe?"

The student nodded. "This is an easier one, plus we can verify it using these!" He bent down and snatched the binoculars from the ground. He thrust them to Simon, his eyes never leaving Jim's.

"Are you ready? Remember, just concentrate, and breath deeply, it will help."

Ellison nodded and stood from the bench, then closed his eyes and wondered how he managed to end up in the park performing like some kind of circus sideshow. He took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly as he opened his eyes. He looked left but didn't see anything interesting; then looked right trying to find something to describe. He was about to try a different region when he saw a couple walking hand in hand cradling a bundle. At first he thought it was a baby, but after a closer inspection he saw that it was a puppy.

"Um... ok. There's a couple over there," he said pointing to his right. "He's wearing a baseball cap.... the Miami Dolphins- weird, and a blue and brown coat. She's got blonde hair in a ponytail, wearing a dark green coat. They're holding hands and she's got a blanket in her other arm. It's striped red, white and yellow and there's a puppy in it. I'd guess a yellow lab." Beside him two heads swiveled to train binoculars on the couple he was watching.

"Jim, are you serious? You can see them? You're not making this up...?" Simon was incredulous.

Blair was more interested in science. "So how far would you say that is?" he muttered aloud, taking the binoculars away to look with naked eyes. "About 80 yards? Maybe 85. Wouldn't you say Simon?" He asked as he stared at the dark forms of the couple in the distance.

Simon, who was still looking through the binoculars, was speechless. Well almost. "You can't see that. I mean, damn, it is a puppy." The captain lowered his hands and looked at Jim. "Um. Wow. I don't know what else to say."

Blair looked up from his notebook and turned toward Jim. "So, 80 yards or so?"

Jim nodded and made agreement noises.

"Ok. You were able to pick up a lot of detail there. No trouble with focusing?" Blair asked.

"No. Seemed to be fine. It's far away, but not too far that I had to strain myself" answered Jim.

Simon blinked. "You mean you can see further than that?!"

Before Jim could respond Blair jumped in. "Probably. I mean, we haven't had a whole lot of time to work together and are only now finding out the potential for Jim's senses. These tests will help define what he can and can't do."

Jim shook his head a little and faced Blair. "Listen Darwin, let's not be scheduling tests for me for endless weekends ok? Let's just get through this."

The student smiled and nodded, but was a little disappointed that Jim didn't want to continue with testing. He bent to the ground to grab the stuff he would need for the next test.

Blair looked up, grinning. "Ok, test number two. Hearing. We're going to try two separate things here. We're going to test for loud... well no, not loud but umm, variations, multiples; and we're going to test for quiet sounds." He settled back and flipped to a new page. "Simon, you get to help participate in this one." Simon's eyes got large and he opened his mouth in apprehension, but Blair beat him to it.

"We're all going to sit for 1 minute and listen for bird calls. I want you to keep track of how many different ones you hear. Ok?" He looked around and seeing nods, pulled out a stopwatch. "Ok, ready? Go- shhh."

As the time ticked away Simon felt a little silly - why was he sitting out in the park listening for birds anyway?? What kind of a crazy theory was this? There was one bird. Of course Jim really could see that couple (second bird) without the binoculars (third bird)...

"Time." Blair hit the stopwatch and began writing in his notebook. "Simon? How many did you hear?"

"Three." Simon answered.

"Alright. I heard four." Blair turned to his partner. "Jim?"

Jim was smiling, and that worried Simon, but excited Blair. "I heard eight."

"Cool! That's awesome man! I mean, were they all in this park, or were you able to hear those flying above, or how about..."

"Chief. I'm not sure where they were, I just know I heard eight. Some were louder than others, so I'm guessing that they all weren't close by." Simon found his voice. "You heard eight? Jesus. Guess that explains how you knew where some of Kincaid's men were."

The Sentinel smiled, he knew this was hard to grasp, to accept. It was his gift and even he was surprised at what he could do. Jim looked down at Blair who had returned to the bench to jot the findings into his book. Blair had such a serious look in his eyes, but he was grinning like he knew something no one else did, something that others would die to know. That was true. Only Blair and Simon knew about Jim, which did make Blair feel special.

Feeling eyes on him, Blair looked up and met Jim's gaze. "You ok?" asked Blair.

"Yep. Fine," answered Jim with a grin.

"Ok, the second sound test is one for quiet sounds. The easiest is the heartbeat. I brought a stethoscope." He retrieved it from the ground and handed it to Simon. "Here Simon. You listen to my pulse and Jim will do that same."

Jim was shocked. "What? Sandburg, there is no way I can hear that from over here."

Blair placed his hand on Jim's arm. "Yes you can."

Jim stared at the smaller man who had so much faith in him. Blair was so certain that Jim could do this, and at this point Jim didn't know what to think, so he just nodded.

"Ok, I want you to just take a deep breath, relax, and listen to me. I want you to ignore the sound of my breathing and focus on my heartbeat. When you hear it, just tap out the rhythm on your leg, ok?" Blair turned so that his back was more towards Simon. Simon, feeling silly again, put on the stethoscope and slid the end under Sandburg's jacket to rest on his back.

Jim followed Blair's directions and took a deep breath. He paused, he could hear Sandburg's breathing; it was deep, even and a little fast, which was probably from excitement. He concentrated a little more, realizing that he could see the student's pulse throbbing at the base of his neck. Using that as a starting point, Jim listened. Birds, wind, rhythmic wind - oh right, Sandburg's breathing and a druum. A drum? Ta-thump. Ta-thump. Oh my God, he thought in amazement. I'm hearing his heart!! Ta-thump ta-thump. Suddenly he remembered the test and began tapping the beat out on his leg. Blair murmured a quiet "Yes!" And Simon, watching carefully, was again amazed to see Ellison's fingers, about three feet away, matching the beat he was hearing with a medical aid.

Jim was astounded. He was listening to the kid's heart. He found it soothing and restful; and allowed the sound to carry him for a moment, his fingers slowed in their tapping to smaller and smaller movements. The beat grew louder in his ears, never deafening but it overwhelmed the other noises. His vision began to fade, the blue of Sandburg's shirt paling to gray and loosing distinction. His fingers stopped tapping on his leg as he drifted.

Sandburg knew there was something wrong. He looked at Jim and found vacant eyes, and at Jim's hand and saw it motionless. Blair leaned forward, grabbing Jim's biceps, and started to rub and talk.

"Jim. Man, come on. Now is not the time for this." He trailed off as he started to panic.

He heard Simon trying to get his attention. "Sandburg, what the hell is going on?" Simon asked angrily.

"Simon, not now!!!" He shrugged the captain off and turned his focus back on the lost man in front of him. He made his Sentinel zone. Made Jim zone. Blair shook his head, he couldn't think about that right now, just bringing him back mattered.

Blair took a deep breath and started to talk, his voice soft, even and calm. "Jim. Come on, you are not setting a good example here. Zoning like this in front of Simon. I'm sorry I had you do this, I didn't realize you would zone." As he spoke Blair rubbed Jim's arms in soothing strokes.

"Jim, listen to my voice. Just concentrate on my hands and then follow my voice back. It's the only thing you hear, not a heartbeat, just my voice. You feel my hands and hear my voice." Blair continued in his monologue for a few more seconds as Simon stood by helplessly and watched.

Without much warning Jim gasped and Blair squeezed his arms tighter but did not quiet. "There you are Jim. Just a little further, hear my voice. You know I could keep this up all day, you want me to talk to you all day, with no breaks?"

"No," Jim answered softly.

The hands on Jim's arms loosened their grip and Blair began to rub his thumbs gently back and forth.

"You ok?" asked Blair.

Jim shook his head, like he was trying to shake something from his eyes.

"I'm fine. What was that?"

Blair bowed his head, feeling a little ashamed. "You, um, you zoned man. I can only guess that you listened to my heart and then just... listened too hard. I didn't mean for it to happen. I'm sorry."

"It was amazing though Chief, I could hear it. Just thumping away as though I can always hear it, at first I thought it was a drum, like music. Then when I realized it was you, it was so comforting I listened harder, trying to... I'm not sure what I was trying to do." Jim was frustrated that he couldn't explain how hearing Blair's heartbeat felt well enough.

Simon interrupted. "Are you sure you're ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine Captain. Just, it happens sometimes." Jim glanced at Blair who had sat on the bench to write the results. He didn't look like he had before, the enthusiasm was missing. Jim looked back at Simon. "Blair calls it the 'zone-out' when I concentrate too hard on one sense. But Blair seems to be able to bring me out of it since he can recognize it quickly."

"Yeah, of course he can notice them, he put you in it for god's sake!! He just let you stand there and then you weren't there anymore. How can you trust him??" Simon was outraged.

Blair shrank further into the bench, but continued to write. There was no way he was going to interrupt, he had already caused enough problems for the day. He was just going to record the findings, listen and try not to be noticed as the two men argued.

"Simon! This wasn't really Blair's fault. This has happened before." Jim tried to reason.

"Before? You were fine all day when we were dealing with Kincaid. When did it happen before?" Simon didn't believe his detective. He had spent the entire day with Jim as they fought against the terrorists and Simon hadn't noticed any problems.

Jim sighed. "Simon, the day I met Blair he saved my life. I stood in the middle of a street, watching a Frisbee as a garbage truck drove straight for me. Blair ran out and tackled me as the truck drove over us. Over us Simon!!" Jim looked at Blair who was staring at the notebook, no longer writing.

"That's why I trust him. That's why I need him as my partner, why I came to you for the Observer's Pass. He knows more about this stuff than I do and he is willing to help."

Simon's anger had subsided a little and he glanced between Sandburg and Ellison. If Jim was willing, the kid must know what he's talking about. Simon nodded. "Yeah ok. I'm sorry about the blow up, it's just that you were gone, not there anymore, it was... unsettling."

Jim took a step toward Sandburg and laid a hand on his shoulder. "Alright Chief, what's next?"

Blair blinked and stood up from the bench. He was thrown for a moment by the whole thing; then with a mental shake he rallied. "Right," he said softly, and then in a firmer voice, "the third sense we're going to test is Touch." He pushed the sleeves of his jacket and shirts up over his elbow to bare the skin on his right arm and then handed Simon a magnifying glass. "When I was 7, I was pu.... fell off a fence one weekend right before summer. I landed on one of those old type of bottle caps, you know the ones with the rippled edges that you needed a bottle opener to get off?"

The other two men nodded. "Well the scar is pretty faded and you can only see it with a magnifying glass or if the light is just right." He held his arm out. "Ok, Jim I want you to find the scar on my arm and point it out to Simon." Jim blinked, this seemed like such an easy test... "Oh and Jim, no looking. Your Sentinel eyes could probably spot it before your fingers." Blair grinned.

Jim reached out and grasped Sandburg's wrist. Looking over the kid's shoulder at Simon he ran his fingertips up the top of his forearm. Sandburg's skin was smooth, not very hairy and warm though beginning to chill in the winter air. Methodically he brushed back down a strip of skin just to the right of the first area. And up again, and down, rotating Sandburg's arm so it was palm up. There were other marks in the skin long and short straight lines going in assorted directions but... There!!! A circle, faint but obvious, no wait - it wasn't faint. It was very noticeable. Round, the edges not only ridged but rippled in that distinctive shape of a bottle top.

"Here," he said, tracing it out. Simon leaned in with the magnifier and could faintly see the circle on the pale skin of Sandburg's arm up near his elbow. Blair grinned in delight. "Fantastic, man!! That was great!"

"Hold it," Simon said. "How do I know you didn't plan this ahead of time? He could have told you all about it earlier. Who knows, maybe you two got drunk and compared scars sometime." He glared at Blair. "You are old enough to drink right?"

Blair stared back incredulously. "I'm 27 years old, I should think so! And if you don't believe him, have him find one of your scars!"

Simon snapped his mouth shut, it seemed to have gotten him into trouble. "Fine." He took off his coat, so he could push the sleeves of his sweater up higher, and then presented his left arm to Jim. "Find it."

Jim looked at Blair and the student nodded toward the tall captain. Jim grabbed Simon's arm and started to feel for any irregularities. He started with the underside first, slowly making his way up and down the soft skin. Finding nothing there, he slowly rotated the arm, constantly moving his fingers.

Jim had made one trip around Simon's arm and didn't find anything. He was starting to get frustrated. He glanced at Blair for some help. Blair moved forward until he could place a hand on Jim's back. "Take a deep breath and try again. Let your fingers be your eyes."

Jim nodded, closed his eyes and took a deep breath while he moved his fingers over Simon's arm.

Simon watched the pair in front of him. It seemed that Jim was concentrating more now that Sandburg was giving him instructions. He found it odd, maybe there was something more at work there. Simon felt a finger rub a spot right below his elbow and looked up into Jim's smiling face. "Sir, it's not nice to try and trick me."

Simon tried to play the innocent. "What? I have a scar there."

Jim smirked. "Well yes you do, but considering it's basically hidden." Both men laughed while Blair went to the bench to record the newest findings. Blair half listened as Simon tried to plead his innocence against Jim's attack. It seemed that Simon had indentation right below his elbow, within that indentation was the scar. It was from childhood and almost didn't exist anymore.

Blair chuckled at the captain's attempt to thwart his Sentinel; he'd had no doubts that Jim would come through. Even if it meant detailing all the scars on the captain's arm.

"So, 3 down 2 to go," he said, masterfully ignoring Jim's sigh. "Next we're going to test taste. This is the only one I had outside help with in prearranging. I asked Simon to put together a mixture of common kitchen ingredients- hopefully all edible...?" He cocked an eyebrow at Simon. Simon glared and growled. Blair just grinned and continued, "Anyway, what I want you to do is identify all the flavors you taste or if you don't know what it's called just tell me how many different flavors there are and I'll compare with Simon when you're done, ok?"

Jim nodded vaguely apprehensively and gingerly accepted the plastic baggie Simon pulled from an interior pocket of his coat. Simon glared again, this time at his detective.

"Oh come on Jim, you know I wouldn't spike it with anything, I need you back at work on Monday. Besides, I didn't have all that much in the kitchen."

Jim grinned sheepishly and bounced the bag in his palm briefly. Looking at it, he rolled the contents between his fingers. The bag contained a powder; whites, pale gray and perhaps a pale yellow. He pulled the top open and then paused at Blair's instructions.

"I suggest just dipping a fingertip in and sampling from that. And hold the open bag away from you, you may be able to smell and identify the ingredients just from that. Don't forget to take a small taste or several small tastes, but go slowly. I don't want you to get overwhelmed."

Jim acknowledged the instructions with a glance and a nod, not revealing how much the student's concern touched him. He held the open top away, he slid his fingertip into the mixture. He glanced briefly at his coated fingertip and then around again at the encouraging looks from his friends; he cautiously licked the pad of his finger. He swirled his tongue in his mouth and frowned at the ground when he took in the strong and conflicting flavors. He sensed Sandburg scooting closer and looked up to reassure him that he hadn't zoned again.

"Mmm," He smacked his lips lightly and swallowed. "I taste mostly sugar and salt - table salt. Then there's a pepper taste, garlic and another sweet. It tastes like sugar but not quite... it feels different."

Blair wrote furiously. "Salt, sugar, pepper, garlic, another sweet..." He looked up. "Simon, what did you make the mixture out of?"

Astounded, Simon answered, "Mostly regular sugar, some salt. I found some white pepper, a tiny pinch of garlic powder and a little confectioner's sugar."

"Ahhhhh!" Blair exclaimed, he turned back to Jim, "That would be the other sweet that felt different. Confectioner's sugar is ground to a very fine, smooth powder instead of being in the normal granules."

Jim glanced at his new partner, and swore he saw him bounce on the bench as he scribbled away in his book. He just shook his head and laughed a little. "Chief, don't get overly excited. It's just ingredients."

"Yeah, but you were able to find so many, and just with one taste! I mean, we don't know how far your senses can be stretched. Just today you were able to demonstrate, with little difficulty, what you're capable of.

Blair noticed the look on Jim and Simon's faces. He sighed and continued. "Ok, there was some difficulty but only one zone…"

"Only one?" asked Simon.

"Well yeah. I mean, technically, I suppose, there could have been more, but Jim seems to be handling himself well. In all the literature and records that I could find, a Sentinel is always in danger of a zone, that's why he had a helper. This helper seemed to help." Blair chuckled to himself. "A zone is always unpredictable…"

"Hey! Darwin!" Jim interrupted with a grin and grasped Blair's shoulders. "Ok, we get it. Lets move on, I'm getting hungry."

Blair shrugged and nodded. "Smell is the last sense. And since you said you were hungry I have the perfect test."

Jim raised an eyebrow and Simon sighed. The captain still didn't know what to make of the kid, so full of energy, life, and didn't seem to be intimidated by him. That would be a problem in the future.

"Oh come on… it's not like I made you jump through hoops or anything. Really it's easy." Blair continued to grinned and rocked back and forth on his heels and waited for Jim to ask what the test was.

"And this test is…" Jim trailed off and assumed Blair would fill in the blanks.

"I want you to find Mr. Tube Steaks."

"What?" asked Jim.

"Find the Tube Steak guy using only smell. He is always around this park and moves his place every so often. Now, just concentrate and try to locate the smell of steaks."

"And then?"

"And then you will walk over to him, Simon and I will follow, and we'll have lunch." Blair grinned again. "Course that stuff is totally bad for you but I figured you earned it!"

Jim laughed out right. "Ok Chief, I'll find you lunch."

He smiled he stepped to the edge of their little secluded area. He took a moment to scan the area and then jumped guiltily as Sandburg's voice from just behind his shoulder surprised him. The student had finished hastily stuffing everything but the notebook back into his pack and silently joined him. "Now, now. No cheating and staring across the park to find him. Besides he might be on one of the streets bordering the park. So relax, and slowly inhale. I'm guessing the first things you're going to smell are grass, trees, leaves, that sort of park smell. Then I think you'll probably smell us. I want you to smell them, identify them, and then ignore them. You're looking only for the hot dog smell and where it's coming from. Ok?" Jim nodded then tipped his head back slightly in an unconscious gesture and inhaled. Sandburg was right. First there was the dry grass smell surrounding him followed by the musty, mulchy smell of the trees and old leaves. He noted these and moved on. A scent of herbs and summer flowers; definitely out of place for his surroundings came to him next.

The scent was surprisingly close and oddly the smell felt warm. Turning his head he realized the scent was rising from Sandburg's hair and skin. Followed immediately by the odor of cigar smoke and paper, which he identified as Simon standing on his other side. "How are you doing, man?" Blair asked in a low tone, watching as the detective began shifting faintly in place. "Well, I smelled what you guessed and now I'm looking for the tube steak smell but I'm just not getting it. I sort of don't feel like I'm smelling any farther than normal." Jim's tone was slightly peevish.

"Mmmm," Blair sighed. "I think maybe you're trying too hard." He laid his hand against the back of Jim's shoulder and let it rest there. "Just stand there and breathe. You can do this."

Simon watched this by-play with skeptically raised eyebrows. He really didn't want to have to deal with this craziness but it didn't look like he had a choice. His best detective had five heightened senses and he was going to have to deal with that. How he was going to have to deal with the college student was another matter altogether. Suddenly Jim made a victorious exclamation and with no other warning, he took off. Simon and Blair were left in stunned surprise for a moment before they scrambled to catch up.

"You have it?" Blair asked, excitement lacing his tone.

"Yeah," Jim was following his nose towards that delicious smell. He couldn't believe how easy this was. One moment he was smelling grass and dog and vague wisps of exhaust and the next hot meat, warm sauerkraut and bread. He led them down the path, around a small pond, through a large stand of trees, turned left at an intersection and finally paused on the sidewalk. "There," he pointed at the corner diagonal to them.

Blair was delighted. Jim had just walked them right across the park without even realizing it. He trotted across the street with the others and paused to scribble final notes in his book. He closed the book and shoved it into his backpack and resettled the burden on his shoulder.

"See Jim, those tests weren't nearly as bad as you had feared," said Blair.

Jim raised an eyebrow. "You don't say? Is that your professional opinion Professor?" The detective tried to hide the smirk, but the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

Not picking up on the joking tone, Blair took Jim as being serious. "Jim!! These tests are necessary in trying to figure out how to control your senses. You agreed to let me help you, you can't complain at every test I throw at you."

Blair took a deep breath before continuing. "And if you do decide to ride me about it, I'll have to fill your peace and quiet with noise." The grad student grinned and paused for a moment, then continued. "I can talk more than you possibly think I can." He waggled his eyebrows for effect.

Jim laughed but was unable to respond before Simon spoke.

"Jim, listen. I'm amazed as what you did today. Absolutely, but, the whole thing puts me on edge. What about your coworkers?"

"Sir, no one can know about this." Jim answered, his voice filled with intensity.

"Ok, we can keep it a secret." Simon glanced toward Blair and jerked a thumb in his direction, as though he was yards away instead of a few feet. "And what about him? You actually expect me to allow him full reign in the bullpen? He's not a cop!"

"Thank God." Blair mumbled, momentarily forgetting about Jim's hearing. Jim ignored him.

"Simon. Blair is needed if I'm to find out about these senses, if not I won't be able to function normally, let alone be a detective. "Jim, I know, but the brass isn't going to look too kindly on this. He's a civilian, what can he…"

"He can give input, he will observe."

Sick of being overlooked, Blair interrupted. "He is standing right here!!"

Both men turned in his direction and he continued. "Look, I'm not here to cause problems. I'm just here to observe, like Jim said. To look at things, study and help Jim. I won't get in the way, really, plus I know how to act. I am an adult, contrary to popular opinion." He aimed the last comment toward Simon.

The captain had the grace to look slightly embarrassed. "Kid, you just don't fit in. The clothes, the attitude, not to mention the hair!"

"Whoa!" Blair raised both hands in a stopping motion. "I'm not cutting my hair, no way."

"No Chief, you don't have to cut your hair, at least not yet."

Blair gave Jim a skeptical look. "Yet? Whatever man. As for fitting in, I've never fit in, just let me deal with that, ok?"

Simon could tell he was in a no win situation. He mentally accepted the fact that he would run interference with the higher-ups if the time came because he realized that his detective was now a packaged deal. "Alright Sandburg, whatever you say."

Jim took a deep breath, already tasting the lunch he was about to eat. "Come on, let's eat." He threw an arm around Blair's shoulders and tugged him forward. "You need to eat up and then rest, you have a big day on Monday."

Blair looked up and noticed Jim's grin. "Why's that?"

"Cause the guys in the bullpen are going to love you!" Simon and Jim laughed knowing the ribbing Sandburg was going to get considering the kid's taste in clothes… and hair styles.

Blair just shook his head and chuckled, he didn't care, he had found himself a Sentinel, and possibly a friend.