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The night was horrible. The rain was a constant annoyance and to him, the lightning and thunder only added to the morbidness of the night Ė and that was saying a lot since Lorne was a demon and circulated in a demony world.

Lorne had hoped that the hordes of people and demons would distract him from his boredom and shine some light in his world. Reading all the souls and futures of any poor schmuck that got up and sang was his light in the darkness. The beacon that made things just a little easier, the... oh, who was he kidding.

He was just lonely. Not many people came into see him for just company they always wanted something. Lorne was always happy to help them and hear them out, but for once, a visitor looking for quality Lorne time would have been nice. Even the kids usually wanted something.

Lorne wrapped his arms loosely in front of him as he headed for the bar. Since there was no tasty female present, he'd decided to be clichť and curl up in bed with something good to read. Of course the creators of that particular saying didnít foresee the two gin and tonics he made for himself being necessary for keeping oneís self warm.

The olives were dropped into the glasses making the ice clink together when there was a knock at the door. Lorne looked over his shoulder toward the entrance but ignored it. He was closed and he wasnít in the mood to play house with someone who just wanted out of the rain.He was in a piss poor mood.

The knock sounded again, and again Lorne ignored it. He picked up both glasses and started to head toward the back where his bedroom was. Thatís when he heard it, a soft voice singing a childís song:

"Rain rain, go away

Come again another day"

The singer, in her misery seemed to have forgotten the other words, but these were being chanted over and over again. Lorne looked into her aura and found a person like himself: cold, wet and lonely. He quickly walked back behind the bar, set the glasses down and continued to the door. He threw the locks and swung open the door. There sat a sorry sight, and Lorne amended his previous thought about being in the same state. He wasnít wet, unlike her, who just sat huddled in the corner as much as her body allowed and shuddered with the cold.

"Hey miss. There something I can do for you?" asked Lorne in a sing-song voice.

The young woman looked up and Lorne saw that she was human with a round face, dark eyes and dark hair. "I would really like to use your bathroom."

"That all?"

She shook her head, but didnít seem as though she was going to continue. Lorne extended his hand, she grasped it, pulled herself up and quickly stooped to gather a bag. He led her inside, shutting and re-locking the door.

When his guest gave a slight gasp, Lorne recognized this was the moment his guest saw exactly who had granted her asylum. He turned slightly and faced her fully, but to his surprise she was looking elsewhere. His collection of old time records Ė at least thatís what Wesley had told him. Lorne had been very pleased with himself when he'd acquired the records, and was immediately disappointed that it was taking him so long to find a player. He wished Wesley had been more forthcoming with the change of technology information a tad sooner.

So, for lack of a better place, Lorne had the records stored in an open box right next to the bar. He walked slowly over to her in the hopes of not scaring the begeezuz out of her.

"Did you want me to show you to the bathroom?"

Her head snapped up and she smiled, Lorne couldnít help but smile back. "Yeah, that would be great. You have a wonderful collection here." She shivered a little.

"Thanks," Lorne said distracted. He didnít mind that she wasnít making a fuss about his constant state of green, but her non-reaction unnerved him. "You from around here, hon? Iím Lorne," as a way to make an introduction.

"Karesia. Not really, just visiting. I got separated from my friends, Iím guessing they think I returned to the hotel, but I got turned around and just kept walking until I found this place." She looked around as though taking in the interior for the first time. "Itís a nice place. Hey, if you donít want anyone knocking, maybe you should turn off your lights."

"I did."

"No, you didnít. Itís why I knocked, I thought you were still open."

"No, I darkened it all, sweetie." Lorne said as confusion tinted his voice.

Karesia laughed disbelievingly. "Well, it was lit up like a Christmas tree just a few seconds ago." She looked toward the ĎRestroomí sign and then back to Lorne. "Would you mind?"

"Oh! Where are my manners! Iím sorry, please, use whatever you need. Iíll find you some towels and maybe something to change into. Get you out of those wet clothes."

Karesia stopped a few feet from the restroom door. "That would be great. And... are you flirting with me?"

Lorne smiled. "Honey, if youíre sober, then yes, and if youíre drunk... then yes." He chuckled. "Iíll find you something to dry off with."

Karesia winked and entered the room while Lorne blew a gust of air through his mouth and shook his head. First, thereís no reaction to his appearance, then she seemed to have welcomed his flirting. The green demon decided that she was probably drunk and would flirt with anything at this point. He disappeared into his room and grabbed a couple of towels and one of his robes. He selected a favorite; the leopard skin print.

Lorne knocked on the door and gave Karesia a chance to shoo him away, but she didnít, so he entered the room to find her half undressed.

"Iím sorry, I couldnít wait, Iíve been wet for hours, cold, and just miserable and needed to get those clothes off. Oh! A robe, god that looks comfortable."

Lorne was captivated by the beautiful sopping wet woman. The rain water ran down her body in slippery streaks as it dripped from her long black hair.

"Uh... the towels please?" Karesia said with a grin.

"Oh! Right, sorry peach pie. Iíll be," he pointed behind him, "out there if you need anything else."

The strange young woman just smiled widely. "Thanks."

As soon as the door swung shut behind him, Lorne made a bee-line toward the bar where he had abandoned his gin and tonics. He quickly gulped the one and wondered to himself what he was doing. There were so many reasons against Ė whatever this was that was happening.† He was a demon, she was human, she might be drunk, sheís visiting... but he couldnít keep his mind from dwelling on the way her skin had goose pimples all over from the chill of the room, the way her eyes sparkled in the light when he had just stared at her, or the way her bra had left little to the imagination.

Lorne was pulled from his thoughts as the door creaked open. Karesia was dry, no longer shivering, and looked scrumptious in his robe. She was tall so the robe fit her nicely, she had it fastened around her waist and there was a gap where the clothing moved which allowed him a tease of the soft skin of her breast.

"Better?" Lorne squeaked out.

"Oh yes. Iím sorry to impose on you like this, but I really appreciate you opening the door for me."

"Itís nothing," he said as he waved a hand at her.

"You live here?" Karesia asked, as she sat on the stool in front of Lorne. Now only the bar separated them. She wasnít sure what was making her so bold, it was unlike her, but there she was, dressed in nothing but a strangerís robe.

"Yeah, in the back. The easiest commute in the world."

"That must be nice." Karesia clasped her hands together and the robe gapped even more. His eyes seemed to be drawn to the juncture her arms made where her breasts were on display. Karesia knew when Lorne realized he was staring Ė his eyes quickly darted up to hers, but it was too late, she had caught him looking, so she just smirked at him.

"Itís not polite to tease the Knight that rescued you from the downpour, cupcake."

"Who said I was teasing," Karesia replied as she leaned over the bar. "I have a confession to make. This isnít the first time Iíve been here, so I didnít just happen upon your bar, well I did, but I was trying to find a way to introduce myself for days now. The first night in L.A. my friend brought us here and I couldnít stop thinking about you."

"Really? Whyís that?" Lorne asked suspiciously, but he leaned his elbows on the surface of the bar and brought his face closer to hers anyway.

"Many reasons. I love that you help people, youíre so open yet you seemed lonely when I was here, you seem fun... and youíre green. I had planned on persuading my friends to come back and I was going to talk to you then, but it seems fate had something better in mind."

"Sweetie, fate is not normally this kind to me."

"Maybe this time she is?" Karesia said boldly, as her fingers trailed up and down his silk covered arm.

Lorne smiled and shook his head sadly, "You do realize Iím a demon, don't you?"

"Yes." She moved back a fraction. "You arenít going to kill me, are you? I didnít get that Ďbad boyí vibe from you, but..."

Lorne chuckled. "No no, no killing. Singing maybe."

"Singing would be wonderful." Her fingers moved up his arm, over his shoulder and then stroked his face lightly.

In a whisper Lorne answered, "Anything you want dumpling."

He leaned forward to cover the last few inches left between them and his lips gently touched hers. Karesiaís heart was thumping loudly in her chest and it raced even more as Lorne put a hand against her cheek and stroked it with his fingers. Karesia tilted her head, wanting to gain more contact but Lorne pulled away.

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"Are you drunk?"

"No. Donít you want to do this?"

Lorne let out a belly laugh. "Darling, if you could see how much... I just donít want to take advantage of you in an inebriated state, thatís all."

Karesia smiled. "Well, Iím not drunk or impaired in any way." She looked at him through her lashes. "You still interested?" Karesia giggled softly when Lorne just smiled and shook his head in what she assumed was disbelief.

This trip to L.A. was supposed to be fun for Karesia, but mostly it was just running from one tourist attraction to another, and she wanted something to remember the City of Angels by, something unique and personal, something daring and erotic. And here it was, all in one place. Karesia had known she had to return to this bar as soon as she had stepped out the door days before. As though the place was calling to her Ė but maybe that was just the owner. Either way, Karesia was not going to let the opportunity pass and regret it once she returned to her under-paid and under-appreciated job.

"Hey sweet-lips, you still with me?"

Karesia nodded and slid off the stool and met Lorne at the end of the bar, where he took her hand and led her through to the back to his private space. The bedroom was more outrageously decorated, if that was possible, but it fit her host so well that it was wonderful. She felt Lorne come up behind her and put his hands on her shoulders. She shivered as he lightly kissed her neck and nibbled her ear.

"Just one last reassurance honey, before we continue, but youíre not doing this out of misplaced gratitude right?"

She turned and wrapped her arms around his waist and looked at him. "No. I know that this evening has been incredibly forward of me, but I vowed no regrets and so here I am. I want this."

Lorne smiled and his eyes seemed to glow a brighter red and the skin next to his eyes crinkled somewhat, showing his age. "Good. Good," he said as he lowered his head slightly to reach her lips again. He was only a little taller than her, an inch or two difference and it was comfortable. His red lips pressed against hers and she moaned softly in her throat. His left hand went to her neck to grasp and stroke the skin there while his right hand traveled down her back to settle at her bottom. He pulled her toward him and she could feel how much he wanted her.

Karesiaís lips curled in a small smile and her tongue briefly touched his lips. They didnít taste like lipstick, even though they were red. Lorne opened his mouth and captured her tongue as she went to lick his lips again. He tasted like his drink, strong and powerful. Her hands grabbed the back of his robe as he deepened the kiss; his tongue pushed into her mouth and he licked everywhere. She shivered as his tongue swiped the roof of her mouth and Lorne moaned when she started to suck on the wet invader.

She was suddenly moving backwards and let out a small yelp as her legs hit the bed. Lorne pushed her shoulders and she sat down, then looked up at him. Lorne was breathing heavily and his face was flushed, the green tone of his skin was darker along his cheeks and almost black against his hair. His eyes were wide with desire, the bright red of moments ago gave way to a darker blood red. She shivered; she wanted to know everything about him.

Karesia reached up and slowly untied the belt holding the robe together. As she looked into his eyes, she pushed the satin material aside and off his shoulders. Neither gave the robe another thought as it fell crumpled to the floor. She ran her hands down his green chest, making sure her nails raked over the dark green nipples and she smiled to herself as he hissed between his teeth. Finally, her hands reached his waist and she just paused, taking in the sight of him. His cock looked mostly like a humanís, although Lorneís was a dark green. Karesia assumed it was the same color as the rest of him normally, but aroused it was a hunter green.

She leaned forward and kissed the head of the cock, fluid leaking out and she licked across the head gathering it onto her tongue. She could feel Lorne shudder and his fingers clenched on her shoulders. She did it again and his hips jerked forward. Karesia looked up and met his eyes. Without speaking, he pushed her backward until she was lying flat on the bed. He untangled her robe and threw it to rest with his own on the floor.

Lorne moved until he was next to her, his right hand snaked under the pillow and tilted her head upward as he kissed and licked her lips. She lifted her right hand and buried it in his hair and rubbed and tugged at the blondish hair as the kiss deepened. His tongue played with hers, in and out of each otherís mouths, sucking, biting and licking. She captured his bottom lip between her teeth gently, then sucked it into her mouth. Karesia felt the bed move as Lorne thrust into the mattress; she sucked his lip harder and he groaned and pushed his lips into her own, hard, tongue thrusting as far as it would go.

They pulled apart, gasping for breath and just looked at each other. Karesia could see the perspiration on† Lorneís face and could feel the dampness down her back, but Lorneís horns caught her eye. They too had changed color, they were a darker red to match his eyes. Acting on impulse, Karesia combed her hand through his hair and then lightly touched one horn with a finger. Lorneís eyes widen in surprise and he couldnít stop the whimper that escaped his lips. She stroked the horn a little harder, from tip to base and his eyes fluttered shut and his head lowered in ecstasy.

Karesia untangled her left hand and used them to stimulate both horns at once. She could feel his hard length against her thigh and each time she came to the base of the horns, Lorneís hips ground into her and his entire body shuddered. The sounds he made turning her on more and she began to rub the horns harder and faster. Lorneís hips stopped grinding and started to thrust against her. She really wanted him to come this way; he was so abandoned in his pleasure. Just when she thought he was ready to explode, he pulled his head away from her hands and quickly ducked to kiss her skin.

Her chest tingled everywhere his lips brushed. A few dry kisses in the center, a few licks as he moved over to the swell of her breast, longer licks that went across her nipple until it was hard, and then lips and tongue as Lorne sucked the hard nub into his mouth. Karesia arched her back and grabbed Lorneís head as he began to suck and flick the nipple. When she couldnít take it anymore he drew back and licked it slowly, which made her shudder. As he continued to suck and torment her, his left hand pulled at her other nipple. Karesia moaned loudly and her hips moved on their own accord.

Lorne shifted until he was lying between her legs. He kissed the soft, sensitive skin under her breast and his hands ran down her sides to her legs. As Lorne kissed more skin, his hands spread her legs and he shifted until his knees were underneath him. He pulled away from kissing her stomach and returned to her mouth and lightly licked her parted lips.

He leaned back a small distance and smiled at her, his eyes were nearly black but they twinkled in the small amount of light emanating in the room. She returned his smile and stretched up for another kiss before he leaned over toward the bedside table and grabbed the small package he would need. In less time than she would think, the crinkling of paper and the awkward hand movements were finished and Lorne was kissing her again, deep and slow.

Karesia gazed upward as Lorne looked down. He ran his right hand across her shoulder, down her chest, over the orally abused nipple, which made her shiver and shift her hips.† His fingernails then raked down her soft sides and over her hip. Without warning, Lorne thrust two fingers inside her; she gasped loudly and grabbed his other arm as he moved his fingers in and out a few times, her hips meeting his movements. Lorne leaned down, hovering above her mouth and looked into her eyes. She smiled briefly as her breathing quickened.† Lorneís thumb rubbed over her clit, his fingers thrusting deep inside her. Karesia groaned loudly, then louder still as his hand sped up, the tingling and pressure continuing to build. She opened her eyes, unaware she had closed them and looked up at him. He smirked before his lips found hers. He kissed her passionately, his fingers somehow reaching deeper and his thumb pressing harder until she exploded. She screamed into his mouth, breathing heavy, her hips snapping up and down while his hand continued to massage her inside and out, prolonging the pleasure that coursed through her body.

Long moments passed and Lorne continued to kiss her, her breathing evening out and he smiled at the satisfied look on her face.

"You ok, sweetie?" he whispered.

"Yeah... getting there." Karesia flirted as she ran her hands down his back and over his ass to squeeze the firm, green cheeks.

"Well, let's see what we can do about that, muffin." He kissed her lips shut so she said nothing else and shifted until he was between her legs. He backed away and looked her in the eye as he slowly entered her. Karesia held onto Lorneís forearms as he sunk deeper and deeper. He stopped and lowered his upper body down on hers; his arms folded on either side of her body.

Karesia reached around and tried to pull his ass closer, wanting him to start moving. His length felt incredibly long and hard inside her Ė she ached with need for him. Lorne pulled out and sunk back in, slow at first, but it wasnít long before either of them no longer wanted to be slow or gentle. Lorneís hips began to move faster and Karesia could feel the huffs of breath against her neck as he exerted himself.

She dragged her nails up his back and into his hair Ė his entire body shuddered and his hips sped up slightly. She wanted more though, wanted to see him. Karesia grabbed his hair and tugged until his face was in front of hers once again. She leaned up and gave him a quick kiss and pushed her forehead against his, then leaned back. He followed her lead and kept his head against hers. His hands shifted from being braced on the bed to being braced against the wall; his knees pushing at her until she was wide open and he was able to thrust in even deeper.

Lorneís breathing changed and she heard a deep constant groan; his face was a mask of concentration as he drew pleasure from her and gave to her. His hips changed angles and suddenly a fire went through Karesia. She wanted to keep quiet, but was unable to hide the startled gasp. As Lorneís hips pounded faster, she tried to meet him, thrust for thrust. Her hands came to frame Lorneís face and she slowly slid them up his cheeks until her thumbs were right below each horn.

He had found the perfect spot inside her and with each thrust she quivered as he found it again and again. Finally, she couldn't take it any more and she spasmed as the feelings rolled through her entire body and she came again. She cried out his name, loudly, and arched her back as much as she could, as he slammed into her clenching body over and over.

Karesia drew a deep breath, their foreheads still together, and rubbed her thumbs over the base of the horns. The effect was immediate and Lorne screamed, his back arching and his cock going deeper inside her as he pushed harder and harder every time she rubbed the deep blood red horns. Karesia continued to stimulate the small protrusions as Lorne groaned loudly and deeply, thrusting into her one last time.

She could feel his entire body tremble with the aftershocks of pleasure. As soon as he stopped shaking, he pulled out and rolled off of her to the side. Karesia happily lowered her legs and met Lorne in the middle of the bed. He drew her to him and dragged the sheet up to cover them before their bodies cooled down.

Karesia smiled as Lorne squeezed her with his one arm. "Honey, if you ever need an escape from the rain again, please, please come knocking." He ran his fingers down her sweat covered back and made her shiver. "I havenít had that much... fun in a long time."

"Same here."

"When do you have to leave?" Lorne asked dispiritedly.

Karesia sighed. She didnít want to return to her boring desk job. She knew she was being unreasonable, but she liked Lorne a lot Ė she liked L.A. even though sheíd been hearing some strange rumors all week. Karesia kissed the green chest in front of her. Wasnít any stranger than bedding a green demon with red eyes and surprisingly soft skin. "In a few days," she replied despondently.



Silence reigned between them and Karesia contemplated the trip out West. She had gone on a whim, with barely enough money to pay the bills.† She had agreed to go because something told her she would miss something special. Maybe this was it. She gathered her courage and put forth a proposal Ė of sorts. "What would you say if I said I wanted to stay in L.A.?"

The arm around her tightened again. "Iíd say it was your decision sugar, but youíd be more than welcome to stay with me."

Karesia nodded and pushed herself up on her arm. "I think Iím going to stay. Itís unlike me, but I like it here Ė and I really like you."

Lorneís hand came up and caressed her face. "I really like you too, cupcake."

She smiled brilliantly. "Great. Itís settled, Iím staying." She snuggled back down into his embrace. "Maybe you can help me find a job?"

"Of course, cinnamon. What kind of work do you do?"

They spent the rest of the night in each otherís arms and made plans for her move out West. Maybe fate had worked in their favor this time.

~The End~