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Please visit our slash stories here: Guides And Dolls Slash

Blood On The Snow by Liz- Jim wonders why the bad things always happen to them.  Rated R for language.  

Breakdowns - Jim suffers an attack of the senses and Blair feels helpless.  Rated PG.

Breakthroughs - Jim, Blair and Simon deal with the aftermath of Jim's sensory episode. This is a direct sequel to Breakdowns and it is necessary to have read that first.  Rated PG.

Breaking In - Jim and Blair deal with the aftermath of Jim's sensory episode. This is a direct sequel to Breakdowns and Breakthroughs and is necessary to have read those first.  Rated PG.

The Comedy Club - The guys, a couple of comedians - we hope it makes you laugh. Rated R for a series of bad words.

The Comfort Of Noodles - The "Dead Drop" end we wished we'd seen, yeah another one. :-) Rated PG for a hint of language.  

Controlling The Controller - After a hard day, Jim and Blair try to relax and watch TV. Deciding on a program has never been so much fun. Rated PG for some bad language. Humor.

Dealing With Dials - Missing scene for Out of the Past. Rated PG for language.

Draw Four - The Major Crime gang plays something else instead of poker.  PG for some bad language.

Draw Eight - After most of the "gang" has gone, four have decided to continue their Uno playing. This is a direct sequel to Draw Four, but it's not necessary to have read that one first.  PG for language.

Uno Attacks - Blair finds a game and invites the Uno players back for more. This is a direct sequel to Draw Four and Draw Eight, but you donít need to have read those to enjoy this.  PG-13 for language.

Forging Ahead - After the revelations of his father in the episode Remembrance Jim needs some guidance on how to deal with his emotions. Rated PG for some bad language. Spoilers for Remembrance.

Grave Contemplations - The guys contemplate past decisions and occurrences. Rated PG.

In The Jungles Of Peru - Musings by firelight, a missing scene and spoilers for Flight.  Rated PG.

Office Musings - In the immediate aftermath of Blair's press conference, other people in the bullpen get to thinking. Rated PG for minor language.

On Dissertations - Jim and Blair have thoughts during a stakeout. Spoilers for Night Shift.  Rated PG.

On Dissertations Part II: After Dissertations - Jim and Blair have thoughts concerning the dissertation fiasco and its aftermath. This is a sequel to On Dissertations, but it is a stand alone story. Spoilers for TSbyBS.  Rated PG.

The Out Of Towners - Blair's friend Daniel Jackson comes for a visit after many years apart. Crossover with Stargate: SG1. Rated PG-13.

Questionable Obfuscations - Blair wonders if his story telling to cover Jimís abilities is effective or not. Rated PG-13 for language.

Reflected Images - An epilogue to Sweet Science as the guys try to come to grips with Roy's death.  Rated PG.

Sensitive Conversations - After Siege, Simon finally gets the demonstration and explanation of Jim's senses. Rated PG for minor language.

Sick Leave by Liz- Jim's home sick and not dealing with it very well.  Rated PG.  

Sometimes, Mid-Afternoon... by Liz - An under-the-weather Blair, and a conversation.  Rated PG for minor language.  

Songs Of The Flesh - By Liz - Just getting inside someoneís headÖ. Rated PG.

Sun and Wind  By Liz - Blair gets a short look into Jim's world. Rated G.

Tears - By Liz - Smarm and H/C with no real redeeming value.  J Rated G.

The Appreciation Of Friends - Giles meets up with an old friend from the Watcher's Academy.  A birthday fic for a friend.  Co-written with Liz.  Rated NC17.

Eyes Of A Stranger - Wesley ponders the changes of his life.  Spoilers for Angel through season 3, particularly the last half and has mentions of previous early seasons of Wesley's time on Buffy.  Rated PG.

It's Raining Pastries - A PWP written for a friend going through a hard time to cheer her up.  Lorne finds someone in need of shelter from a storm and is surprised to find something else.  Rated NC17 for explicit sexual situations.


Ruminations by Liz - Ares watches and ponders.  Rated G.